How to Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

Do you want to find a way to save money on the cleaning supplies that you buy every month? That would be cool, wouldn’t it? Admittedly, every mom needs window cleaning agents, laundry and dishwashing detergents and vacuum bags to name but just a few of them. If you care to keep a budget, you will see that every month, you spend a needless amount on them. The good news though is that you can cut down on your cleaning supplies budget without neglecting any cleaning duty.


Six Things to do that will slice your cleaning supplies budget:


1) Make whatever you can at home

Homemade is the new trend, why aren’t you taking advantage of it? With just a little information that you can readily find online, you will be able to make your own cleaning agents for the toilet and bathroom, for windows and even for your granite counters.

Do not buy paper towels. Use cloth rags for wiping things. Rags are washable and reusable, paper towels are not.


2) Use baking soda and vinegar to your advantage

Every kitchen has baking soda and vinegar. You can use these two compounds for cleaning and they do a dazzling job all the time. Mix substantial proportions of these two and then use the combination to clean stains on almost all types of surfaces from tables, counters to floors. You can also use them individually. For example, vinegar is a great floor cleaner and baking soda is a good deodorant.


3)Buy with discount coupons

You can become a deal hunter in homecare magazines, product manufacturer websites and even local dailies. If you are buying online, you will have to use coupon code. When you find a coupon, ensure it is valid for the items that you want and you will save money. The good thing is that you get a discount for stuff that you would have bought anyway.


4) Buy generic

It is good to buy organic cleaning supplies, but they are costly. Generic products are way cheaper than their organic counterparts and they may or may not do a similar job. However, to know what works, try as many generic products as possible until you find the right one and then use that henceforth. Combining low cost generic cleaning products with a cheap vacuum cleaner can save you a good amount of money and keep your home neat and allergen free.


5) Buy in large quantity

Prices can only go up in future. Therefore, if you find a cheap generic cleaning agent in the supermarket and you know its prowess, buy it in large quantity. Another benefit is that cleaning supplies stay potent for a long time, some for years. When you go to the store, do not pick what is in the front row on the shelf. Pick what is far behind as products that are close to their expiry date are kept on the front row.


6) Read the directions and always use a smaller amount than advised

That is right. Most manufacturers would you like to go back to the store again sooner than is necessary. Firstly, read the instructions for use. You have probably been using more than enough. Secondly, whatever quantity the manufacturer has given, reduce it a little. That way, your supplies will last much longer.

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