DIY Room Painting with a Paint Sprayer

When you are thinking of painting your bedroom, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Basically, the bedroom is a special place where you can relax after a long day at work. Therefore, you need to ensure that the walls have some calm, relaxing and soothing colors. Nevertheless, bedrooms tend to be personal places and it would be great to go with whatever color that makes you relax.

Neutral colors

Using neutral colors in the bedroom is a good option. Ivory, beige, grey, black, and white are great and they auger well with almost any other color. This means you can play with the colors to brighten or darken the room to your preference. This can be done by getting some beddings or accents that suits your purpose.

When you are working with any neutral color, always keep in mind that they come with underlying tones. For example, you’ll find white paints having some undertones of blue, pink, brown, and yellow. The undertones are chosen depending on whether you intend to make the walls cool or warm.


These are the best colors for an ideal bedroom. Generally, pastels are relaxing, soft, and serene. Besides, they are known to help you get some quality sleep. Here you should strive to work with lavender, soft blue, yellow, and pink. If you want to eliminate the childish look, accent the colors with some bright accessories as well as furniture with dark shades.

Using bright colors

For most people, bright colors are not ideal for a bedroom. This is because they are energetic colors and by nature, they are seldom relaxing. However, it’s quite important that you personalize the bedroom to match what makes you relax effortlessly. If being surrounded by bold and bright shades makes you calm, go for it. You can settle on a spring green color to make your room bold and fresh.

Some tips for selecting the ideal bedroom color

If you are among the people who can’t make up their mind about the best color for the bedroom, consider these tips.

Look at some decorating magazines and websites. Search for bedroom pictures and try to figure out which colors are most appealing to you

Consider the furniture and other accessories you have in the bedroom and think about the most appropriate colors to accent them

Take into consideration the available space in your bedroom as well as the most preferred atmosphere. As a rule of thumb, a dark color will make any room feel cozy and smaller. If you want to make the room feel big, then light colors are your friend

The presence or absence of natural light will influence the appearance of the room. Basically, natural light makes a room feel and appear bigger. On the other hand, a room without natural light will appear smaller. The amount of available light will determine the colors that you’ll use in the bedroom

If you still can’t decide the best color, it’s good to use a planning tool. Most room planners are designed to show you exactly how your room will appear when painted with specific colors. Using this can save you from the trouble of making a decision when you are clueless

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Some recommended paint sprayers

Graco Magnum 262800

Graco Magnum 262800

If you love DIY painting projects, this model is designed for you. It gives you the freedom to choose between a medium and a light spray and it also has an easy-to-use knob to adjust the pressure. It’s one of the best paint sprayers for working on interior walls and it comes with a DVD guide just in case you are a newbie.

The Titan ControlMax

The Titan ControlMax

The Titan is great for indoor paintwork because it’s designed to cut the overspray by half. This makes it easy to achieve an outstanding finish, something that is almost impossible with excessive overspray. However, be ready to deal with long cleaning times.

The Wagner Flexio

The Wagner Flexio

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This model is ideal for both outdoor and indoor paint job. It is designed to deliver an outstanding finish to almost any material you are working on. The iSpray nozzle makes it possible to use any un-thinned paint and the lightweight makes it ideal for long projects. To achieve a finer finish on your bedroom walls, you can use the detail muzzle. According to the manufacturer, the Wagner Flexio takes only five minutes to paint an 8 by 10 ft. wall.

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